Why Banana Kingdom ?

The word Banana arises many thoughts. Before telling you, what Banana Kingdom is, it is important to know what Banana Kingdom is not. The term Banana here has nothing to do with any Plant, Salad, Custard, punch, smoothies or any fruit, such as Apple, Pineapple, Chickoo or not even Banana. I know banana is symbolic to many objects, but here it does not mean any such thing.

Although fruit banana is full of Nutritions and vitamins and it is smooth and good for digestion, but Banana Kingdom has nothing to do with it. Although there is a very famous international apparel brand called Banana Republic, but Banana Kingdom has nothing to do with it. Banana Kingdom is a way of life. It is a characteristic of being. It is a spirit of living an enjoyable life.

You must have heard Banana Republic as a country name. Banana republic, is known for its character of 'Chaos'. Where discipline is not within the culture and is unlawful. Where Chaosis the order of life. Banana Republic has become synonymous to mean a “Politically unstable state”. The modern man is fed up and wants to break the barriers of its routine life made my himself, in the name of work, profession, business or study. Instead he wants to cherish and celebrate life without any limitations. He wants to escape the routine life of discipline. The term banana is derived from such inspirational country of 'Chaos’.

Welcome to Banana Kingdom. Here the spirit to be naughty is in the air. We at Rituraj Nirmaan are ready to create a place of such festivity without barriers. The happening location of a such place has been selected after a great search. Right on the express highway, it is a mountain, a mountain of cheers and thrills. It has valleys all around. Next to the Narmada canal, having flowing water round the year.... Situated at a very spectacular location having a triangle to three main habitations of Gujarat that is Anand, Nadiad and the great city of Ahmedabad. Small towns such as industrial hub Kathlal and historic town Kapadwanj are in vicinity. Balasinor town has the rare dinosaur park which has three crore years old mighty fossils. At BANANA KINGDOM we have planned a Resort and Weekend Home Scheme right on the top of the world, where in you can invest in joy and pleasure. The team Banana at Rituraj Nirmaan is all set to welcome you.